Teymour Joumblatt Calls Politics A 'Family Business' In TV Interview

on Oct 19, 2020

A brief segment of an interview with current member of parliament Teymour Joumblatt is making the rounds on social media due to the strange statements he made throughout.

In the segment, Teymour, son of 70s era political leader Walid Jumblatt, tells the Al Jazeera correspondent that he never wanted to go into politics, but had to because it is a 'family business'.

Good to know that corruption and warmongering are now a lucrative family business, and one which you feel forced to fulfill!

According to Teymour, the family has been in politics for more than 400 years and it was his duty to guarantee his family's continuity in the field, otherwise they would "cease to exist".

That's kind of the point...

Finally, Teymour concluded that this line of reasoning pushes them to always fight to be in power.

Does this mean they're all NEVER leaving?

Lebanon, you deserve public servants that are proud to serve you, not ones who feel "forced" into the family business.

You can watch the full interview below and make sure to leave us your thoughts!