Beirut Bar Association Calls For Strike After ISF Assault On Jimmy Hadchiti

on Jan 4, 2021
By Sarah Harb

The Beirut Bar Association has issued a statement in response to the horrific attack on lawyer Jimmy Hadchiti and his illegal detainment, asking that all attorneys go on strike.

A video of Al-Jadeed news anchor Clara Geha has been circulating on social media in which she describes how she and her husband, lawyer Jimmy Hadchiti were assaulted by members of the Internal Security Forces in front of their children.

In the video, Geha explains that she had been approached by an officer while her family car was double parked in front of a store in the Chiyah neighborhood. She told the officer that there were other cars also double parked in front of her, and that her husband would only be a moment, which apparently enraged the officer causing him to start yelling at Clara. The officer also seemed more infuriated when she mentioned that she was a reporter for Al-Jadeed.

In response, the officer cursed at Clara and the owner of the station Tahseen Khayat, all the while taking a video of Carla and her car as her children watched on from the back seat of the car.

With Clara filming the entire ordeal, Jimmy Hadchiti, her husband, approaches and proceeds to question the officer on the altercation. This is where we can see a second officer slamming Jimmy’s head with a helmet, and two other officers continuously beating Jimmy.

Head of the Bar Association Melhem Khalaf showed up in support of Jimmy at the scene and argued that there was no cause for Hadchiti to be detained. Unfortunately, Khalaf’s argument ceased to matter when the authorities detained Jimmy.

Shockingly, even after his detainment, Hadchiti was assaulted again by the same officer in front of everyone present at the station while he was showing the original assault video to another officer.

This is obviously a shameful violation of the law, as the Beirut Bar Association hinted how Lebanon is speedily turning into a police state.